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The world of gaming has seen an ocean of changes since its very inception. The type of games that are being preferred by the people these days are very different from the ones that used to be the talk of the town once. Nowadays, people love adventure and challenges and do not wish to be a part of the game that moves on in one direction only. It is for this reason that there is a sudden increase in the demand for MMORPG or the games which require the person to assume the identity of some other person.

First Ten Huge MMORPGs That Took The Market By Storm

In the present times, there has been a huge change in the way people think and act on their instincts. The people in the modern times know what they want. There has been a drastic change in the kind of things that used to be the talk of the town once. Amidst all these changes, the gaming industry has also modified their content and target audience sensing the expanding requirement of the people.

Path of Exile Logo

No 1 - Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games has created the incredible game Path of Exile. It is played out in a dark fantasy world called Wraeclast.

The main Path of Exile webpage>>

Game Characteristics

  • Scores of skills and intuitive combat model
  • Remain competitive in the ladder and together with your ratings
  • Exclusive game locations and enemies
  • Accommodating scalable numbers of participants
  • Will remain free of charge to enjoy

Game-play Video

Check out the gameplay in the video above, or just sigh up for the Beta and try the game for yourself below:

Quick Review

Path Of Exile is a brand new, action and fantasy oriented, RPG which is currently being developed by Grinding Gear games, which is an excellent company which operates out of New Zealand. It is not yet available to the public but is expected to be unveiled very shortly. It will be free to play, and will apparently only be available online, at least for the foreseeable future. Whether this changes as (and if) the game grows more popular remains to be seen. We believe it will succeed.

For now, the game exists only in closed beta. So far, the six main classes of character include Marauder, Witch, Templar, Duelist, Ranger, and Shadow. Other classes of character are expected to be made available as the game itself is introduced to the online public. The currently existing classes of characters feel and play a great deal like similar character classes in well-known fantasy RPG's such as Diablo III. There is a definite slant toward the "dark" side of fantasy which is very noticeable throughout this game. Lovers of more sedate and family-friendly games need not apply here! There is quite a bit of action, violence, dark themes, and more than a fair share of bloodshed to be encountered here.

Graphics and sound effects are state of the art, even in the beta version. Although there is a definite similarity to Diablo III, we believe that Path Of Exile does possess just enough unique features of its own to justify being placed on the market in competition. Lovers of dark themed, high fantasy, RPG's should be able to get into the spirit of Path Of Exile with relative ease, and those who are simply weary of Diablo III and the like might find Path Of Exile just different enough to be a satisfying substitute. Don't miss out - create your Path of Exile Beta account now.

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